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people may be responsible for the explosion of that pipeline >> it could mean cows a date soon as r&b pay more in tuition. >> are going to get the news in a minute the first check on the weather. >> this is all look up from are the roof cam that brazil will be impacting everyone. you will experience the drizzle. highs were only getting to approximately 75 degrees. we are going to breakdown. now we'll take a
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look at traffic >> we are not tracking any hotspots and we still have a winner advisory in a fact traffic which is very light speeds are high i will have a complete check coming right up >> this morning police are trying to piece together what happened when that suvs went flying into this fire station. you can see the damage right here. what what they saying about this? >> they are saying they did have to go far respond to this accident in san a tale it happened around 11:00 p.m. and this is video from last night apparently a car
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traveling west bound highway 92 got off the off ramp did not break wet across four lanes and directly into the door of the fire station. no one inside the fire house was injured both occupants in the core were slightly hurt and transported to local hospital they are expected to be fine. in the preliminary accident investigation alcohol could have been a factor. they will be tested while there in the hospital. it was a scary moment this car had to be going at least 50 mi. per hour and plow right into the stores. these stores are very heavy.
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>> if the fire truck needs to get out can they get the fire truck up? >> is a good question i guess the good manually mark a open this door i have not seen anyone from this fire station out and about this morning. >> and the state budget problems not to wish him will be going up again for california state university students. the board of trustees will be voting for another increase. or they will increase undergraduate tuition by 12 percent. that annual tuition will be 5000 foreign hundred and $72.
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>> p g and e is not ready to settle out of court. it killed eight people last september this is video from that explosion. karen we will have more on what pg&e wants to do about this explosion. >> pg&e what a jury trial and insist they are not the only ones to blame. the wounds are very fresh 10 months after in the explosion took place. this is very vivid video eight people died 38 homes were disintegrated. pg&e contends
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that the explosion could have had from a third-party they did not go into detail what might have caused the explosion this is contrary to what happened a month later they were offering people money they were offering them 15 to $50,000. now they are backed saying it wanted go to trial we will get a reaction from the victims. and to say that the victims are partially to blame for this is outrageous. >> new details in the
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memoirs of jaycee dugard. that book is out today it is called a still life. in her first tv interview with diane sawyer on sunday night she spoke about how she tolerated the abuse. >> we are also hearing from philip garrido is first victim and how she was assured by authorities that she would of been contacted when guido was released. he got out in to track her down. now she tells us our story >> it was clicking second by second and everything a
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bottom. he said i haven't had a cocktail 11 years caylee. he is a sick puppy were their exact words and we all think wellcome after year. i gang goethe the police to dwight fell on what can sell what i did is i quit my job moves. he was the man that the kidnap me pocket i knew he would do this to someone else sunday show >> was terrified that a little would find her again. she came forward right after
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she heard of the kidnapping of jaycee dugard. both of them are in prison right now as they both pled guilty. t)t)
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we're say local law cloud cover and this all little bit about their current temperature is 53 degrees in oakland. a lot of areas are gonna be 10 to 15 degrees chillier >> today> half-brother of
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and drake cows are where shot dead. he was killed by his own bodyguards his half brothers assassination reflex of the feeling of everyone in afghanistan >> the first of two funeral services for betty ford will be held in a few hours in southern california. a lot of dignitaries are expected to attend as well as first lady michelle bauman. there'll be a second funeral service on thursday in michigan that is where gerald ford is buried pity for died at the age of 93. >> coming up ball while
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police jacob in southern california we'll show you video of that. we have thick fog and heavy drizzle and we'll be right back. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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i'm t-rex and i came out of extinction cuz i heard the combo was back! and that got a million hits? yep. why do we even make commercials anymore? 'cause you like to be in them. >> a heavy drizzle this afternoon. otherwise, partly cloudy with cooler temperatures for the bay area. temperatures in the mid-70s. the fog
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stretches all the way in to livermore. as we advance the clock to 3:00 p.m. the fall pulls back to the coastline. pois to those areas will have a tough time winning. by 8:00 p.m. the fog comes back. our tours are still on the cool side this morning. tightly constrained to the '50s. when here are your
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current * pay for the day. 10-20 degrees below normal for this time of year. for that check on the commune. >> a good ride around the bay area with no problems or hot spots. there are no big incidents or delays. a bridge check on the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a wind advisory in effect. the metering lights are active as well. a minor back
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up in the center lanes affecting mostly of fastrak users. on your right to san francisco, if you are headed to sfo, it is an easy commute. >> more on their recent barge shooting. the bart police a review committee, a meeting this morning, they are going to discuss the officer involved shooting at the civic center station. the protesters are out
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to condemning the officer involved shooting that left charles hill dead. protesters are trying to climb on top of the barge drinkers. three stations were closed down but have since reopened. one man was arrested for public intoxication. >> , one of our facebook topics discussed as last night's protest. we ask you on our fan page if you thought disrupting service was an effective way to hold the agency accountable for the shooting death of on demand? here is what a few of you had to say. to join our discussion, go to our facebook fan page and like us. >> 620 a m. a shooting along a
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popular jogging trail and this appears to be accidental. the shooting happened on sunday. east bay park police say 14 year-old was drinking with friends on the delta di anza trail when one of the two fired a stolen gun into the year. when is unclear if the young man shot himself or if the shot was fired by the friend. this is the third shooting on this trail within the last two months. in habor the family of a missing nursing student is increasing the reward for her return. michelle le was last seen leaving kaiser hospital 46 days ago. the reward offered for information in the case is now at $100,000. the family in volunteers have continued their search for any signs of her. another search will be conducted this friday. hayward police are treating her disappearance as a homicide. >> the u.s. coast guard is
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continuing to search for the seven bay area missing fishermen. yesterday the coast guard completed its seventh research. >> we are getting a lot of pictures into the kron 4 newsroom from space as nasa is preparing to do its first space walk for the atlantis mission, the last spacewalk ever. we have live pictures and we are waiting for the crew to open the hatch and stepped outside. they will be doing repairs and also taking a her pump back to earth. yñ
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>> in california news, take a look at this. a dramatic end to all one hour car chase and las angeles. they were trying to pull over this vehicle but the driver took off and led police on a chase along the 10 freeway colo. if the driver was taken io custody in police say no one was hurt. >> and waiting for the opening bell on wall street. a big slide
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yesterday, down 1.2%. i there ae concerns about the debt fears in italy. the opening bell coming up in 2 minutes. here is a live look from our roof camera. we will be right back.
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>> another down day on wall
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street. and doubts futures down 51 today. will bring in numbers throughout the morning. >> elastic the of the golden gate bridge. it is not as foggy as the last few days but still looks wet on the deck. a quick look at weather and traffic. it is colder today, it is drizzly. >> it depends on where you are. hon walnut creek they are actually getting sunshine on the ground. in the city, a different story. it is heavy. it almost looks like fog reaching all the way down to the surface keep interest cool. right here is a view from above the fall. a lot of blue skies and sunshine. ho
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today's temperatures are cooler than yesterday's. warming up for the weekend. a full check on weather coming up in about 15 minutes. >> an early look at traffic, the bay bridge toll plaza, we are starting to see back up with it is not too bad yet. nita and whites have been on since 6:11 a.m.. -- the metering lights have been on a sense 611 a m. >> an suv crashed into a fire house in san mateo late last night. it's a jackie sissel is taking a look at what they're dealing with this morning. quite a >> mess> yes. you can see debris left over from the accident last night. this is station 27 in san
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mateo. everything started over here. you can see highway 92 a car traveling westbound was trying to exit at the hands and did not quite make the stock. the suv tried to exit of the hands, it went straight through the intersection, over four lanes of traffic and crashed into the firehouse. no one inside was injured, one fire truck was slightly damaged. both occupants inside the vehicle were treated and taken to a local hospital. minor injuries. police are investigating. alcohol may have played a part.
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and they have a little planning of to do out here this morning. >> p.s. you tuition is going up, students will soon be paying more. craig skalar tells us how much >> > when it comes to tuition, the board of trustees has agreed to raise tuition by 12 percent. students at the san as a state
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campus and in campuses around the 23 school system are facing the latest in the line of increases over the last few years. on average is $580 increase to bring the total close to $5,500 for the year. university say they have no choice after a 20 percent cut. >> pg&e is not looking to settle out of court for lawsuits from the explosion last september. will tran as live in san bruno with more on what pg&e wants to do to fight the lawsuits. >> pg&e once a jury trial a and let jurors decide what to do with the case. we are right above where the explosion took
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place that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. it looked exactly the same as it did 10 months ago. there are still barricades' come a security guard down the hill, the crater is still in place. here is video that we got from the days and weeks after the explosion. pg&e says a third party might be a responsible for this explosion. they say it is not completely their fault. dozens of people have filed lawsuits. hundreds of millions of dollars. the genie is saying a third-party -- pg&e is
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saying a third party is responsible. according to one person he said -- coming up this morning, reaction from the victims and pg&e. >> her live pictures into the kron 4 news room, it is finally happening. the last space shuttle walk. " still take a look at what the crew of atlantis is doing. you can see the astronauts out there. they are recovering a broken pump that is inside to outside office e
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station. they are also going to give a couple of other experiments. it does what is expected to last 6.5 hours. hot >> 60 7:00 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes. -- 6:37 a.m.. we are back with more in a couple of moments. capital-letter is a look at our mt. tam cam. we will be right back.
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>> to dense fog around the immediate bay. sunshine in the san ramon valley. it depends on where you are as to how intense the cloud cover is. along the coast we are socked in.
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livermore, dublin and pleasanton is underneath that cloud cover. at 10:00 a.m. fall trucker for shows the following back to the oakland side of the bay and the coastline to about 3:00 p.m.. those locations will have a tough time warming up this afternoon and then, the fog comes back and bite 8:00 p.m.. by 1:00 a.m., widespread cloud cover again. temperatures are still on the cool side. here are your current temperatures. we are holding steady with our temperature range. this afternoon we will warm up but only to the '70s as indicated by the yellow. by next week we will
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return to normal temperatures with inland spots getting back up into the '90s. 6:47 a.m., let's check on traffic. >> it has been a good ride this morning although we did start with a hot spot in san francisco. that has long cleared in no longer a factor. currently there are no hot spots to slow your right. the bay bridge toll plaza westbound, the back of is building a bit, not so much on the 880 approach but right here on the toll plaza flats, it is already backed up nearly to the media over crossing. we have not yet heard of any incidents on the bridge like stalls or
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accidents, but there is a wind advisory. your commute to the san mateo bridge has been an easy one. no problems in either direction eastbound or westbound. the golden gate bridge looks good from marin county to san francisco. in contra costa, a look at 680 traffic out of walnut creek. likely we will see a back up heading into the san ramon valley that usually starts around look warner wrote in the backs of to main street. >> the time is 6:48 a.m.. police have beefed up their presence outside of the u.s. and french embassies in the syrian capital one day after supporters attacked compounds. mom's broke windows at both embassies yesterday to protest a visit by
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american and french ambassadors. the french foreign ministry said that three embassy workers were injured. u.s. and france accused syrian forces of being too slow to respond to the attacks and demanded the government abide by international obligations to protect diplomatic missions. britain is planning for the terror threat to be severe during the 2012 london olympics. >> quick market of state as we take a live look at the board to see what is happening in wall street at the moment. we are up eight. and a half. the dow is at 12,506. a slight improvement. not a lot of progress happening on wall
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street this morning. >> we will be right back as a kron 4 morning news continues. we have a programming note for this friday. rahma
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